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3 Tips for Using Your Fill In Flash

Sunny days are perfect for taking photos of the family and kids outside. When the sun is high or behind your subject, how do you reduce some of those unwanted shadows you’re getting?

Most cameras and phones have fill flash. A useful tool in throwing some light on your scene to help lift the shadows. Using it is as simple as turning it on, and letting your camera do the firing.

Here are some simple tips to help you use it more effectively for nicer pictures.

Don’t have your shutter speed set too fast.

You want a soft effect and keeping the background lit, so having your shutter open a but longer will allow you to have the best of both worlds. If you can set your cameras shutter speed manually, have it set to 1/200 of a second or slower. Anything above 1/60th of a second should be fine hand held without a tripod. Lower your ISO if it’s a really sunny day to help get a nice exposure.

Choose the right aperture

While a large aperture will help to blur the background, it can overexpose the shot. This is because the camera will set the flash sync speed, and can result in a much lomger exposure than needed. However, a slightly overexposed picture if the sun is behind your subject can result in a nice soft photo, and very flattering to your model.

Try reducing the light

To do this you can lower your ISO, or choose a small aperture. Or if you have a nuetral desity filter, you can use that on your lens. If you’re using an external flash, try setting it to high-speed sync mode so you can speed up your shutter a bit.

Enjoy experimenting with this great little feature, and feel free to share your results with us over on our Facebook page or Instagram, by tagging us @cartersphotographics. We’d love to hear from you!

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