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Beginner's Guide to Photographing Shapes

Shapes are everywhere around us. In fact, shapes are what we usually notice first in a scene or an image, whether we are aware of them or not. Since they are so easy to find, it's a great way for new photographers to add an artistic perspective to their photography.
You will find a shape in any object that has a defined outline. Less obvious shapes or 'negative shapes' can be found when two objects come together (when viewed from a particular perspective) to form a shape. Silhouettes form strong shapes too, and can add an extra creative dimension that leads the viewer's mind to think about what the object is that made the shape.
You can get regular shapes - like circles, squares etc - that convey a feeling of order and highlight symmetry. Irregular shapes like skewed triangles, ovals, rectangles and curves convey motion, interest and even a relaxed vibe.

An interesting photo could be made up of a single object or a collection of objects. Try repeating similar shapes that are bunched or stacked for a pleasing look.
Constantly examine your surroundings - above and below too - for strong shapes.

Then shoot them from an unusual angle. Add negative space or 'blank' areas for an interesting composition. Zoom in or out for another way to find alternative perspectives.
Pick an ordinary object that you see every single day. Something at your home or office or on your daily commute. Find as many ways of photographing it as you possibly can.
- How does it's shape change under different lighting conditions?
- What kinds of lines and angles are created when you view it from different perspectives?
- What textures and patterns do you discover as you zoom in or out?
As you do this more and more, you will eventually learn to see ordinary things in new ways, even when your camera is not up to your eye!

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