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Portrait Photo Tips


Monochrome portraits can make a very strong portrait, tell a story or convey deep emotion because they help the viewer focus on the people. The contrast and deep tones of a monochrome image can make it very expressive, full of meaning, depth and mood.

How to do it:

  • Set your camera's shooting mode to Monochrome
  • Shoot in RAW and jpg. This means you have more flexibility for fine tuning things like skin tones later
  • Use 'Live View' to compose your portrait and preview the lighting
  • Look for contrast, shape and texture. These give monochrome images their power
  • Set your exposure for whites to create a low key, moody image (under-expose)
  • To bring detail out in the mid tones and shadows or create a high key look, expose for the blacks (over-expose)
  • Focus on the eyes particularly if your subject is looking at the camera
  • Control the contrast with your light source. For more contrast and strong shadows, choose a harder source of light, or bring it closer to your subject
  • If you like soft tones and subtle shadows, then you want a softer light source

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