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Printer's Tips for Printing Your Photos

Most of us have a ton of pictures on our device, computer or on the cloud. So here are a few of our top tips to help you choose which images to print.

1. Keep your photos in one organized place for when you're ready to print. Create a folder on your desktop or device to save your favourite images. You can even create subfolders within this folder to categorize the images. i.e. family, school, trip, kids etc. 

2. If you're planning to display a collection of different coloured or varied textured frames, you could use black and white images to give the display a more unified look and turn an ordinary wall into a focal point. For a more eclectic style, you can print the pictures you want to draw extra attention to in colour and keep them centred within the display.

3. Choose print sizes relative to the space you want to fill. If you want a picture to be admired from across the room or from the end of a hallway, choose a bigger size. Use a variety of sizes to add interest when you have a number of pictures to display. Some pictures will look their best printed large, whereas others can be used to enhance a collection by being printed smaller.

4. Consider your image file size. If you saved the picture you want to print from an mobile messaging service or from your social media accounts, or even sometimes from email, the file size is likely to be quite small. This means it will limit the size you can print your picture. Some images might look great on screen but will not result in a good quality print. This is because screen resolution differs from what is required for print resolution. For example, if your image file is less than 100kb (kilobytes) it will not make a decent 6x4" print. Most ordering software like ours will show a little warning to let you know when an image is not high enough resolution for the print size you are ordering.

5. Mix up your media. We have a number of papers we print on. When you order from us, you can print on gloss, semi-gloss, lustre, high gloss metallic, textured cotton rag, metallic pearl, cotton canvas, and more. If you're printing for your walls, consider trying out a different paper. Come and see us to look at print samples and get advice on your individual pictures.

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