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Privacy Policy

When you visit out website your IP address is logged (which is standard for all websites. Also for fraud prevention).  If you came from another website or search engine, the website and/or keywords are logged (but these are kept anonymous).  Don't worry about us stalking you though, we have no idea who the details belong to, it is all anonymous.

What if you give us your email address, or register/order products/prints online?
We keep on secure records any details you fill out in the forms in the ordering or registration process.
This includes subscriptions to our newsletter, either online or in-store. This means you have to give us your details and confirm that you want to subscribe.

WE DO NOT SELL YOUR DETAILS OR EMAIL ADDRESSES. We hate that as much as you do.

No longer wish to have your details on our system?
As much as we hate goodbyes, we will still happily remove your details from our systems.
Most of the time you can do this automaticaly, however, if you are unsure, just give us an email or a call and we will let you know.

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