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Freshen Up Your Photography

Freshen Up Your Photography

Since trends in photography are ever-changing, what can you do to keep up and keep people interested in your work? Here are a couple of tips we've learnt recently that we thought were worth sharing.


These are popular in social media. Think about the vertical format of the mobile phone for instance. If you include a good mix of vertical (portrait format) pictures in your online portfolio or in your social media content you'll be keeping up with the current trend, and add interest to your body of work.


More and more people are drawn to imagery that shows real emotion and spontaneity. Get out into your environment and show it off as it really is, photograph people just as they feel in a moment and let them be themselves so that your viewers can relate to them. These kinds of images have more impact now than a posed portrait in a controlled environment. Aim for natural pictures to keep people looking at your work. Even product photography is more eye-catching when modelled and photographed out in our natural environment.

Try these ideas as you grow in your photography this year. And as always we love to see your pictures, so keep sharing them with us on our Facebook page.

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