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Preserving Family Movies

Most of our valuable family footage was shot on video. Unfortunately, video tape degrades over time and can become unplayable. Also VHS players are no longer easy to find or in working order. So those tapes could be sitting on your shelves or in a box, collecting dust or absorbing moisture that will degenerate them even further. We recommend transferring your video tapes to USB as soon as you can. This is the easiest way to view, ,archive, duplicate and store your precious family moments for generations.

We convert your video to high a quality MP4 digital file stored on a modern USB. This is playable on any most modern home entertainment systems, computers, laptops or you can share with family and friends with one of the many cloud storage providers . The only tapes we don't copy are copyrighted videos.

Some of our old family memories are on cine film! We can get your 8mm or 16mm movie film converted to digital files and stored on USB as well. Bring them in to us for a quote.

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